7th Bead Soup Party, second reveal

Esfera jewelry bead soup party reveal two

The Bead Soup Party is hosted by Lori Anderson. She matches us up with a partner and we swap a clasp, focal and some extra coordinating beads. That’s part one of the fun: mixing up a lovely Soup for our partner.
Part two of the fun is creating something beautiful with the Soup you received and share it on reveal day. This year over 500 creative people are participating, so the reveal is spread out over a couple of weeks.

My reveal

Lori matched me with Hajer Waheed, a seed beader with amazing talent.
She sent me a lovely handmade pendant, a handmade clasp and handmade beads. All made with those tiny little treasures: seed beads. Topped off with coordinating glass beads.

Bead soup party, reveal 2

The color combination was a bit of a challenge to me, as I normally work with earth tones or pinks. So it took me a little while to create something beautiful with it. I wanted to make something that shows off Hajer’s work.

Esfera jewelry, bead soup party, reveal two

I decided to combine the pendant with a herringbone-stitched cord. For some time now I wanted to do something with herringbone, a new stitch to me (I normally work with peyote and spiral rope). 

Esfera jewelry bead soup party, reveal two

I added a silver bead cap and a black glass bead to the pendant and changed the bail, as my rope was a bit to wide for the original one.

For a bit of contrast I combined it with some silver plated chain.

Esfera jewelry bead soup party reveal two

It was obvious to me that the beaded beads and the clasp should be made into a bracelet.

Esfera jewelry bead soup party reveal two

I first combined it with a spiral rope, but it just didn’t look right. It should have been herringbone stitch from the first.

Esfera jewelry bead soup party reveal two

I’m very pleased with the result. And my neighbor as well, she is wearing it proudly right now.
Esfera jewelry bead soup party reveal two

This is what I've send my partner:

Esfera jewelry bead soup

A lovely clasp from Humblebeads, a focal from LeAlteredMuse, some lampies from Liz Beads, fresh water pearls, Swarovsky crystals and pearls, Jasper beads, Czech beads, brass filigree beads and sari silk.

Be sure to visit my partner's website to see what she made with this: http://mybeadedworld.wordpress.com/

The full list of blogs that are featured in the second reveal are available here: http://www.prettythingsblog.com/2013/04/the-7th-bead-soup-blog-party-second.html

Hajer, thank you so much for your lovely Soup. I rediscovered my love for seed beads again.

Lori, thank you so much for hosting this wonderful Bead Soup Party. I can imagine it must be loads of work and with all that is going on in your personal live, I’m amazed with all you do. A wonderful super job!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I love to read your comments, so I would be happy if you would leave one.


You did SUCH a good job, and I love your entire story about traveling the world in a truck. I used to travel a lot and really miss it.

I'm thrilled you tried a new stitch (I don't know anything except square? Brick? See, I can't even remember the NAME). VERY impressed.

Thanks for your patience with my illnesses that caused SUCH a delay. I hope you participate again!

OH Janine ! I really like

OH Janine ! I really like what you made! great pieces, and so sorry for replying late, I thought we're in the third reveal date ! lol
I posted what I made with your soup today on my blog, hope you like it !

I think I would have been

I think I would have been stumped with the soup you received. Though it's quite lovely, I'm not sure I would have known quite how to compliment it best. You absolutely did a fantastic job showcasing both the pendant and the clasp in both your necklace and bracelet. Your herringbone stitch was the perfect thing for both of them. I especially like how you framed the glass beads with that bit of ruffle on the bracelet. Very cool!

The herringbone was the

The herringbone was the perfect stitch for these pieces -- you did a terrific job of highlighting your partner's beads while adding your own flair and creativity to them. Nice job (and lucky neighbor who got the bracelet!)

Beautiful designs

I love how you managed the challenge and designed a set that coordinates so well with the focal and the clasp. If I didn't know, I would have thought they were all made by the same person. Excellent work. Have a great weekend.

Yes you really let your soup

Yes you really let your soup beads do the talking and dictate the style. I think you should venture from your earth tones more often though since you clearly can make beads like this sing.

The bold, geometric bracelet

The bold, geometric bracelet is such a statement piece! *very nice*

~you had quite a unique array

~you had quite a unique array of soup to work with...amazed by the detail of such...beautiful job in creating and pulling it all together...much love light and blessings~

You made wonderful use of

You made wonderful use of your soup. Your necklace and bracelet are both outstanding and very unique pieces.

Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal

Wow, your bead soup is beautiful! Your designs are beautiful...nicely done! You did an awesome job with the Herringbone stitch!

Beautiful job with your soup.

Beautiful job with your soup. The color scheme would have been a tough one for me! You did a fantastic job...love the bracelet!

Just Beautiful

I remember seeing these components when I was at your partner's blog and was anxious to see what you would make. You beadweavers are such a talented group of people. I so admire your work. You made some absolutely beautiful jewelry with your soup. Great job!

Creative work i really

Creative work i really appreciate this.

Brilliant use of your soup

Brilliant use of your soup goodies - love, love, love the necklace and bracelet you created! Your neighbor is one lucky woman to be wearing that bracelet!

Gorgeous pieces - I love the

Gorgeous pieces - I love the red, black and yellow colour combination!

Like ^_^

WOW! all is so beutiful!!!!!

Love your soup

I love what you did with your soup. beautiful job.

LOvely bead weaving !

LOvely bead weaving !

seed beads-small beads-big

seed beads-small beads-big challenge!you used your soup perfectly!

Brilliant stuff, Janine!

Brilliant stuff, Janine!

You really valorized those

You really valorized those beadweaved components, amazing work!

I like this black-red-yellow

I like this black-red-yellow colorway very much, lovely pieces!

I really like the bracelet

I really like the bracelet you made. Now I'm off to see what the soup you sent turned into.

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