Bead bezelled Swarovski rivoli - a draft design

Bead bezelled Swarovski rivoli by Esfera Jewelry

Starting of with a few Swarovski rivoli’s – I got seriously ‘bead bezelled’ inspired and made a draft design to complete a previously unfinished project. It was great beading work done – but both didn’t match, resulting in two unfinished objects; Help! – who has idea’s? 




Green bead embroidered pendant – draft design

Full of enthusiasm I started this project 6 months ago. I love green, so malachite, green aventurine and green onyx would be the main ingredients. But at one point my bucket full of ideas with this pendant went dry.

Bead embroidered pendant - work in progress - Esfera Jewelry
Bead embroidered pendant - work in progress - Esfera Jewelry

So I put it aside and started a new project with amethyst and charoite. You can see pictures of this necklace at my facebook page. But the green pendant was still in my head. I wanted to finish it, but how.

Swarovski rivoli – bead bezelled!

I love bling so at one point I bought some rivoli’s but I hadn’t created anything with them. In fact I had never worked with rivoli’s before. Could this be the missing bling?

Never bezelled a rivoli before, I went through some magazines in search for a good example. And there it was, Inspiration! in Beadwork magazine, issue august/September 2011, Radiance by Nancy Peterson.

This is the end result. I’m very pleased with it.

Bead bezelled Swarovski rivoli by Esfera Jewelry
Bead bezelled rivoli - work in progress - Esfera Jewelry

But to be honest, it just doesn’t match the bead embroidered pendant for which I made it in the first place. So now I have 2 UFO’s. I am working on the green pendant right now but have no idea what to do with the Bead bezelled Swarovski rivoli.

Any idea’s? If you have, leave your suggestions on my facebook page.


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