The bead soup blog party reveal

Bead soup blog party reveal

Hello peeps!
As you might know I am a bead collector… ehh well hoarder…ehh to be honest an addict. I have always loved the bead soup blog party as it gives us, jewellery makers, the chance to work with beads you don’t normally work with. It is always a great inspiration.
I was thrilled Lori decided to do a bead soup blog party again.

My partner this year is the lovely Susan McClelland. She sent me this wonderful bead soup with an amazing handmade lampwork bead (artist unknown), handmade felted beads she made herself, some lovely silk ribbon and a coordinating set of vintage beads.


She is into card making as well. The accompanied card was the first one she ever made. Isn’t that beautiful.

This is the soup I sent Susan. The picture is hers, as mine wasn’t that great. A beautiful ceramic pendant from Bo Hulley Beads, handmade polymer clay beads (artist unknown), hand dyed silk ribbon, vintage and Czech glass beads and some bits she can use for her card making. She “cooked” a wonderful necklace with the soup.

I first went to work with that gorgeous lampwork bead. As this year is the “hoarders” edition I dived into my stash to look for beads I have been hoarding for a long time. I wanted to keep the design simple as I didn’t want to draw to much attention away from that perfect lampie.

Handmade stacked pendant by Janine Lucas from Esfera jewelry

Some chain (the first chain I ever bought, still something left), a handmade polymer tulip bead from Too Aquarius and a faux leather ribbon in a matching pink. I am not too sure about the ribbon. I think I am going to replace it for a beaded chain. But I was out of time.


Another picture of that beautiful lampwork glass bead.

Necklace made by Janine Lucas from Esfera Jewelry

Next the vintage beads. I have always wanted to make an “end of day” necklace and now was the perfect time. It is a work in progress, as I still have plenty of beads from the soup.

End of day necklace by Janine Lucas from Esfera Jewelry

Thank you for visiting. You know I love to read your comments, so don’t be shy and leave some words. Please don't worry if you don't see your comment appear right away. To avoid robots leaving silly comments I have to approve every one of them.
And please visit the other participants in this blog hop.
Thank you Susan for this wonderful soup and thank you Lori for organizing this wonderful blog hop party and the great amount of work you put into this. I am so glad you are back.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and weekend, full of joy, butterflies and blog hopping.


Well finally finished with tax season, so now I can hop. That heart necklace is just awesome! So springy and sassy!!! Good job!


I love that you kept the lampwork focal necklace simple and very soft and pretty. THe end of day necklace is very colorful!!


I'm not sure I would have known what to do with that focal. I'm not big on hearts or on pink, but you really made me soften a bit on both counts with your sweet design. It's really very lovely! That touch of dark chain and the deeper pink flower are just the right touches for the focal.

I've never heard of an "end of day" necklace and will have to look that term up. It sounds interesting.

I love the simplicity of the

I love the simplicity of the first necklace, and I also love the second necklace. It's fun making the 'end of day necklaces.' I once did a series of them based on color (i.e. a yellow necklace, a purple necklace, a blue necklace, a black necklace, etc...).

The simplicity of your first

The simplicity of your first necklace is just right for such a pretty focal bead. That would be a lovely necklace any time of year, but those colors in particular sing spring to me. Best of luck finishing your second necklace - it's already quite fun with all of those bright colors.

Nicely done

The simple treatment of the lampwork heart is perfect for it. You were totally right to not detract from it.

bead soup

..."end of day necklace" I've never heard that term before. Such a good description for for such a nice combo of colors and shapes. Personally I love the pink leather on the gorgeous dripping heart glass bead. Really nice. Great job on your soup.

BSBP9 Reveal

Both pieces are colorful and cheery for Spring.

I love the simple design of

I love the simple design of your focal piece necklace. It is sophisticated and effective. What a pretty bead. Also like the concept of an end-of-day necklace. So many times it's the beads that are lying around on my bench that inspire me to design the next piece. Great job!

What fun colors you had to

What fun colors you had to work with, purple is a favorite of mine. Beautiful pieces!

Love the simplicity of the

Love the simplicity of the heart focal necklace. I've never heard the term end of day necklace, but I really like what you have made so far the mix of colors that makes accessorizing a wardrobe super easy, love the idea I may have to try one myself!

I love the simplicity of the

I love the simplicity of the heart focal!

Hi Janine, I like that your

Hi Janine, I like that your simple design let that lampworked heart be the star. Your end of the day necklace was a wonderful idea. You can wear it with so many things. Great use of your swap beads.

I love the concept of the

I love the concept of the "end of the day" necklace; it sounds so fun

The heart necklace is just

The heart necklace is just pure sweetness!!! And the colorful necklace is very playful and fun.

Bead Soup!

You did a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing so much inspiration with us.

Bead soup

Gorgeous soups on both ends! I love how you gave that beautiful lampwork bead the starring role. And the multicoloured end of the day necklace is so much fun!

very inventive

very inventive projects!congrats!


Excellent necklaces. So pretty! I've always loved the idea of an end of day necklace as well. Love yours!

Bead hop

Your focal is lovely. I love the colors in the second necklace. Well done!

Just beautiful~ I am amazed

Just beautiful~ I am amazed how well all those beads and colors work together in your end of day necklace. And I think the pink faux leather is perfect with the lampwork focal.

Nice work :-)

Nice work :-)

Awesome work!

I love the sense of fun in your work :)

...I also sort of love the pink faux leather ribbon.

Bead Soup

I've been waiting to see what you did with the heart and you knocked it out of the park. It's gorgeous! Your 'end-of-day" necklace is great too too. You've given me a great idea to use more of the lovely beads you sent me. Thanks for being my partner.

Beautiful necklaces, you

Beautiful necklaces, you really used the beautiful lamp work bead nicely. I always love those "end of day" projects and find them to be my favorite usually. Yours is gorgeous and will be wearable with so many things.

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