Beads in Greece

Asmara bead shop in Greece

In Summer 2012 we drove our truck trough a small Greek town called Agios Serafim. It's near the famous ancient battle site and health spa Thermopylae, about 2 hours south-west from Athens. To my surprise there's a small bead shop called Asmara. Have a look;


Asmara - Greek beads and jewelry

Asmara bead and jewelry shop in coastal village Agios Serafim has opened its doors a few years ago, after owning a similar shop in nearby Lamia.

Asmara bead shop Kamena Vourla Agios Serafim Lamia Greece
Asmara Beadshop near Kamena Vourla in Greece

For those looking for nice beads, contemporary jewelry have a look at the Asmara bead shop.

Asmara bead shop Kamena Vourla Thermopylae Greece
Asmara Beadshop near Thermopylae in Greece

The owner can tell you a lot about Greek culture and where to stay in the area. Best is to stop by in the morning or late afternoon or evening.

Click for the location of the bead shop on Google Maps.

It's a 15 - 20 min taxi drive from Kameena Vourla.

Therapeutic hot springs and ancient Greek battle site

The region of Agios Serafeim is known for it's therapeutic waters coming from Thermopylae, a hot spring from the nearby mountain range. It's well known in Greece among the older population to treat all sorts of body aches. Nearby and busy tourist town Kamena Vourla has several tourist hotels catering trips to the hot springs.

You can stay at the quiet beach area 3Km from Agios Serafim, there are several B & B's and a campsite called "Venezuela".

A few interesting sights close to the Asmara bead shop;

Thermopylae - Ancient battle site
Agios Serafeim village
Venezuela campsite
Kamena Vourla - tourist town


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