The Challenge of Color 2013 reveal

Challenge of Color 2013 Esfera jewelry entries

You might remember that participating in blog hops was one of my resolutions of this year. 

The yearly Challenge of Color, hosted by Erin Prais-Hinz, of Tesori Trovati, is obviously one that cannot be missed.
This would be a great way for me to get out of my comfort zone.

For this year’s challenge Erin asked us to either choose a color palette from Colourlovers or, to give it a little bit of extra challenge and twist, to create or own on Colourlovers, playing a word link game.


Palettes and wordlink games

And I tried.
I managed to make 3 palettes with lovely names like "sea of love", "birds of paradise" and "echoes of peppermint" (no idea what I was thinking there),  but to be honest; I was not able to create a palette that would force me out of my comfort zone (yet).

Norwegian Woods

As Monday December 2, came closer and closer I finally gave up to make my own (for now) and choose a beautiful palette, called Norwegian Woods, made by Skyblue2u.

Norwegian woods, color palette by Skyblue2u

The colors of this palette really spoke to me, as did the name. My hubby and I spend a lot of lovely holidays in beautiful Norway.
I was able to create 2 bracelets, and I’m very pleased with the result.

This is the first one.

Esfera Jewelry, bracelet with art beads, wood and gemstones. Challenge of color 2013 entry

Esfera Jewelry, bracelet with gemstones, wood and artbeads. Challenge of color 2013 entry

Esfera Jewelry, bracelet with gemstones, artbeads and wood. Challenge of color 2013 entry

This bracelet is made with a light blue/turquoise lamp work glass bead from Blueberribeads, a lamp work bead from Lizbeads in light blue, dark blue, yellow and brown hues and a lamp work glass bead from Mermaidglass in turquoise and brown wooden beads, a tiny bronzite spacer, a dumorite nugget bead and cute turquoise Japanese Glass Flower Beads.

The second one.

Esfera Jewelry, bracelet with ceramic bead, lampwork glass bead, wood and gemstones. Challenge of color 2013 entry

Esfera Jewelry, bracelet with ceramic house bead, lampwork bead, opal, wood, recycled glass. Challenge of color 2013 entry

Esfera Jewelry, artisan bracelet with art beads, peruvian opal, wood. Challenge of color 2013 entry

The second bracelet is made with a lovely ceramic house bead from Bo Hulley Beads, off white lamp work glass beads from Mermaidglass, brown wooden beads, Peruvian opal and recycled glass.

These bracelets are now available in my etsy shop.

I greatly enjoyed this challenge and I can see that creating my own palette or browse through the existing palettes on can become a real addiction. And a great inspiration. I certainly am going to make more pieces, using these palettes.
Thank you so much Erin, for hosting this blog hop and for this inspiration.

Don't forget to check out the lovely palettes and the wonderful creations of the other participants. Here is the link.

To see more of the gorgeous color palettes from Skyblue2U, click here.
To see more of my palettes and my favorites, click here.

I love to read your comments so don’t be shy or let the (sadly necessary) captcha hold you back. Share your thoughts.



These are both really beautiful. The colors and materias you've chosen enable them to be worn year round and the eclectic, asymmetrical designs give them such a unique feel. Truly little works of art. I love the little house bead, particularly. :)

4th Colour Challenge

Beautiful natural tones - love the beads and colours you have chosen, subtle but with impact - lovely!


I love the combination of turquoise with brown, it really highlights the blue I think. The two bracelets are gorgeous, love the beads you picked to make them.

So Serene

The colors of your palette are so serene and comforting. I love both pieces.

Lovely bracelets! Reminds me

Lovely bracelets! Reminds me of tree and water They feel summery, but still not so summery that they don't work the rest of the year. In fact, the second bracelet actually reminded me of a photo I took of the bay Laholmsbukten in winter with frozen water in various hues and trees lining the coastline beyond (as well as having wood under our feet, standing on the pier).

Love Your Style!

Wow, I really love both of your bracelets! Looking at them led me to your Etsy site and I really love all of your designs, you have a wonderful sense of style!

Great Design and Colors

I just love the overall design of this and great use of colors from your palette :)

love it

I absolutely love that palette and the fact that it means something special to you . Both bracelets are lovely but the second one just speaks to me. I really like it.

Lovely palette

The color palette you chose is lovely as are the bracelets you made from it. "Echoes of Peppermint" sounds intriguing! :)


Those are gorgeous. I love the blues and browns and how they all work together.

Wonderful colors!

I am so happy that you were able to join in the fun! I love the ColourLovers website. It is fun to see all the different palettes out there and to make some of your own! I do love the one you picked. And it is okay if you didn't step out of your zone...yet. But I bet one of these days you will! I love the wee house bead. I have a fondness for images like that. And that first bracelet is so perfect in every way! Thank you so much for playing along with me in the 4th Annual Challenge of Color! Enjoy the day. Erin

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