Chocolate is the answer.....or not?

im memoriam

This post isn’t about beads or jewellery. No, this post is about my other addiction: food. Yes, I love food. For years my signature in emails was the quote: Chocolate is the answer, no matter what the question is.

Chocolate is the answer

In a sense this quote says a lot about my relationship with food. I not only eat because my body needs to refuel. It is a social thing as well. I like to eat out with friends, chatting and having fun while eating a delicious pizza or a steak with fries. So far so good. I see no problem in that you might think.
No, the problem starts when I am stressed or feeling sad, lonely or depressed. That little voice in my head tells me I need food to comfort myself. It says it will make me feel much better. No better still, it says I deserve to have that snack or that piece of chocolate.
Like a lunatic I start looking in the fridge, in the cupboards, zooming in on my target: unhealthy food. I am even able to take the car to go to the nearby cafeteria or bakery.
And I start eating. A lot. I don’t even taste what I am putting in my mouth, as long as it is eatable, unhealthy and a lot: chocolate, candy, hamburgers, French fries… Anything to lift my spirit. And for a moment I am blissfully happy.

a bit overweight

The result: I am overweight. And to be honest, I am disgusted with myself. When I look in the mirror, I hate what I see. And I only have myself to blame. I am lucky, there is “only” 15 kg too much of me. But it needs to stop. I need to stop. Now. So from today I am going to work on the new improved me. The new healthy me. With Paleo and lots of exercise. I will post regularly about my progress and my frustrations. Just to force myself to stay on course, to change my life style.

Weight program

And I could use some help from you guys. With your encouragements and tips I will get there!

Fingers crossed for you!

Hi Janine,
I read your blog with a long delay, I'm behind with doing many things, not only reading. I am behind also with starting a healthy living style. Your post gave me the impulse to start right now. Thank you for that! Although I am not overweight, I am eating a lot of unhealthy food and not doing enough excercise. At my age I am starting to feel the consequences, my back hurts, I lose breath while walking up the stairs and I simply don't feel fit. I love dark chocolate and I will never give it up, but I can give up junk food and I can start incorporating more physical activity into my sedentary life. So I'll start right away! Let us know how your weight loss is going, I keep my fingers crossed for you!!

Be compassionate

I confess I eat for more than just fuel as well. I hope you are compassionate with yourself as you go. I like the Healthy at Every Size philosophy that encourages healthful (yet flexible) eating and moving ones body, but also loving oneself now and in the future. I don't like to hear that you are disgusted with yourself and hate what you see. I see so many positive things you contribute to my world from your posts here, on other blogs, your beautiful jewelry, etc. I hope this journey is a positive experience!

Thank you Ann

Thank you so much Ann for your wonderful wonderful words. They mean more than I can say.
I am so happy I contribute some positive things to your world. To be honest, and I realize this might sound very very naive but I just never realized this could be the case. That I actually contribute a little bit of positive to the wonderful world of beads and jewelry. Thank you for making me aware. It does make me feel a bit more good about myself.

Chocolate is the answer

Well, you could have been writing about me, for sure. About 2 months ago. With the encouragement of a sweet young lady from my church, I started on a plan that she had been on for about 5 months. She was a LOT heavier than me, and has to date lost over 100 pounds. In my 2 months, I've lost 13. Not nearly as impressive. And, yes, it's hard. It's a lot of cooking, and eating weird things. But I'm doing this for my body, which I have abused for quite a while.
I'm not someone who enjoys exercise, and I really tried hard to not do it. But, just like cutting out bread and sugar and white stuff, you HAVE to add the exercise in there.
I am straight up honest, you will backslide, you will feel like nothing's happening, you will feel resentful of folks that are still eating all that bad, delicious stuff. But it IS worth it. Just don't give up on yourself. Feel free to give me a shout when you're ready to scream and eat a gallon of ice cream! :)

Thank you Shirley

Thank you so much Shirley, for sharing this. And well done, you have lost 13 pounds already. You are doing it!! I know what you mean about exercise. I too find excuses NOT to do that. But I need to chance. If I want to stay healthy, I just need to. Thank you for your support.


Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading about your progress. Hopefully it will inspire me to get serious about losing weight too!

Thank you Donna

Thank you for your comment Donna. And I hope I have progress to report :-) And it would be amazing if I could inspire you to losing weight as well. We just have to help each other.

I'll support you! And I'm

I'll support you! And I'm sure your blog will be an inspiration.

Thank you Joke

I could use all the support I can get Joke, so thanks! I am just in the second day of the weight loss program and oh boy... the chocolate is waving at me. But this time I was strong and instead I took an apple. Hooray for me :-)

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