Crystals and gemstones in Dubai, UAE, The Middle East

Crystals and gemstones in Dubai, UAE, The Middle East

Dubai, the Emirate known for its glitz and glam. An Emirate of superlatives, like the Burj Al Arab, the most expensive hotel in the world and the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world (to name a few).


Bead shops in Dubai, UAE, The Middle East

I spend a week in Dubai for volunteer work for The Little Wings Foundation, so at that moment I didn’t have time to search for ancient silver jewelry from the Middle East. But I was still graving for some nice beads.

So if you are a bead addict like me where do you go for a quick fix with only an hour or two to spare?

You can go to the old gold and silver souq for some retail therapy and experience the atmosphere. Apart from lots of gold jewelry, you can find some nice glass and metal beads . You can also go to the Satwa district, with many Pakistani and Indian shops selling about anything including beads and buttons.

Rows and rows of gemstones in Dragon Mart, Dubai
Rows of gemstones, Dragon Mart, Dubai, UAE,The Middle East

But if you are in real need of some serious bead shopping, Dragon Mart is the place to be. With its 150.000 square meters of Chinese shops it’s the largest trading centre for Chinese products outside mainland China.

The E-F section in the middle of Dragon Mart is where you want to go. Numerous shops with rows and rows of pots and baskets and standards loaded with strings of beads: crystals in the most dazzling colors, gorgeous pearls in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors, a great variety of gemstones and metal beads but also things like beading wire, crimps, earring wires and tools. Another Beaders’ paradise!

Pearls for sale, Dragon Mart, Dubai, UAE
Pearls for sale, in all shapes, sizes and colors, Dragon Mart, Dubai, UAE

Of course I couldn’t restrain myself. I just had to buy some crystals.

A girl just need to have bling-bling sometimes.

Gemstones, Dragon Mart, Dubai, UAE
Can I just live here, gorgeous gemstones, Dragon Mart, Dubai, UAE, The Middle East

Location of Dragon Mart in Dubai - UAE:

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The Little Wings Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing medical assistance to children, living in the Middle East and North Africa, who have musculoskeletal deformities.

Dragon Mart: the largest trading centre for Chinese products outside mainland China.

Ribbons & Buttons in Satwa - Traditional garment haberdashery store called Fida


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