Handmade jewelry and beads to be seen in this e-magazine

Esfera jewelry handmade bracelet

Lovely friends.
I have been a bit busy lately. I did create a tiny bit of jewelry, like this bracelet but I've been busy with something else as well.
In December I discovered Glossi and I made my first e-magazine. But it didn't stop there.



Some of you might know I'm part of a very talented group of bead and jewelry artists: BeadSmitten. This group was founded by Claire Braunbarth, the owner of the online beadshop Smittenbeads.
As a way of promoting our work I made the BeadSmitten Christmas catalog in December. As this magazine received a lot of great reviews and I enjoyed making an e-magazine so much, Claire and I thought it might be a good idea to make it a recurring magazine.
So here it is, our first issue of BeadSmitten Magazine.
I hope you enjoy reading it.



thanks for sharing these great ideas with us, will surely follow it


Thanks for sharing some of the best ideas to craft some of the best jewelry,will surely follow it

very nice site! Amanda

very nice site!

great idea

it is nice and interesting to read about handmade jewelry, jewelry that implies imagination from the creator. I think it's a way to express yourself (like a painter).

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