Hoot and other ceramic beads, interview with Kylie Parry

Ceramic house bead by Kylie Parry

My next guest in my series of interviews with bead artists is the very talented American ceramic bead artist Kylie Parry.
Kylie makes beautiful beads and jewelry. She is well known for her cute hoot beads. I’m thrilled and honored Kylie agreed to do this interview, and I think you are as exited as I am to get to know her a bit.




Q: When did you start your career as a ceramic artist? What did you do before you became a bead artist and what made you decide to become one? Was this transition difficult?
A: I was sleeping on my best friend’s futon during my last year of college, completely broke, after blowing my summer wages on a road trip to Las Vegas. Out of desperation, I found Etsy and opened a shop to sell some of the ceramic pendants I was making on the side in my studio pottery course.
I was working towards an art education degree, but daydreamed about being a professional artist. I made a sale. I MADE A SALE!...it was exhilarating. I was hooked.

Ceramic beads by Kylie Parry

Q: Can you tell a bit about the early days of Kylie Parry Studio?
A: I made beads. Lots of beads. I bought an old kiln on Ebay from a maker of casted ceramic cats. It journeyed 8 hours from its home in Michigan, to my apartment, to my parent’s garage, to another rental house, to my current home, over the course of a couple years.
In between kiln locations and life events, I worked random part-time jobs, traveled, and did a smattering of grown-up things. I searched for a “real” job (just hard enough to keep up appearances). One day I received a phone call for an interview (for said “real” job). I cried. That was my ‘aha’ moment. I turned down the interview, burned all my business casual clothes (not really), and made it a goal (and priority) to be my own boss.

Kylie Parry ceramic house bead

Q: Are you self-taught?
A: Somewhat. I took a couple ceramics courses in college, and that gave me a good foundation of basic knowledge. However, I graduated not even knowing how to properly run a kiln. Or start a blog. Or submit an art show application. I learned most of what I know from “google university”...you know, when you don’t know how to do something, so you google it.

Kylie Parry, artisan ceramic bead set

Q: Why did you choose the medium ceramic?
A: The ceramic process is magical. Opening the kiln is like Christmas morning. It never gets old. Before clay, I drew and painted. Making jewelry components is the best of both those worlds. I draw/paint/glaze/carve, satisfying the 2-D part of my brain and also, sculpt/build and get my hands messy.

Kylie Parry necklace wild pendant and ceramic beads

Q: Are you planning to explore other materials as well in the future, like glass or polymer clay?
A: Metals intrigue me. I frittered away an opportunity to learn metals in college. I just wasn’t ‘into’ the class. It just wasn’t relevant. I mean, I wasn’t going to become a professional jewelry maker or anything....*slams forehead*. I would also like to pick up my sketchbook and paintbrush a little more often.

Kylie Parry, ceramic beads necklace

Q: What inspires you in your work?
A: The pieces I create tell a little story about some small, but cherished, part of my life. My family and I are nature-loving, treasure-hunting, adventurous types. Ideas come from nature, the places we’ve been, and the things we found while there. Earthy, weathered, rustic, organic...and all jewelry must be “suitcase packable”- it’s how I roll.

Kylie Parry handmade ceramic pendant

Q: Apart from being a very talented bead artist you are a mother of a gorgeous baby boy. I’m curious: what does a typical day in the life of Kylie Parry looks like?
A: Thanks to coffee, I wake up before the birds and get to work in my studio. I listen to public radio, get sufficiently caffeinated and try to cram a full-days work into a couple hours.
Then, I hang up my artist clothes and become mama. I spend all day with my little guy, doing the sorts of things little guys like to do. I sneak in emails and other small tasks during naps.
When my partner Luke gets home from work... we take walks, we dance in the kitchen, garden, hike, bike, eat good food, eat burnt food, fix our old house, cuss at our old house, plan our weekend adventures and watch bad netflix documentaries (in no particular order).

Q: There are a lot of bead and jewelry artists. Is there a particular artist you admire or who you consider a role model?
A: I admire artists who have a unique voice, and an interesting story to tell. I am always humbled when an artist chooses my beads. Connecting with a customer is connecting with a kindred spirit.

Kylie Parry world map ceramic bead

Q: Do you have a next goal you want to accomplish?
A: My goal is to take a step back. I need to work on being OK with doing less. It is hard. I’ve spent the last couple years growing my art and creating a business that I am proud of. But, now I need to slow down, be present, and savor Juniper’s fleeting baby years.

Q: If you were not a bead artist, what would you be doing?
A: Traveling the world. Saving the whales. Making something with my hands.

Kylie Parry, whale ceramic beads 

Q: Do you have tips, tricks or advise you like to share with us?
A: Play in the dirt (or clay). It’s good for the soul.

Thank you so much for this lovely interview Kylie! I love your story, particularly how you started your career.

You can find Kylie Parry's cute hoot and other gorgeous beads in her etsy shop and more info through her blog.

Regular readers of my interviews know that there will always be some sort of give-away and this interview is no exeption.
Kylie and I have some lovely items for you.

The first give-away

Kylie is so generous and gives away this lovely and cute hoot bead set. I wish I could enter the give-away :)

Kylie Parry give away bead set 

The second give-away

Of course some of her hoot beads found their way to my stash as well.  I've made two necklaces with those cuties for the winner to choose from.

Just let me know in your comment which piece you would like to receive if you win this give-away.

Necklace with owl bead pendant by Esfera Jewelry

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The next artist in this series of interviews with Bead Artists will be Rejetta Sellers, a lovely talented and published bead and jewelry artist.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to see you next time.



I liked Kylie's facebook page. Thanks for the link to that.

Great interview!

I'm so happy to hear a fantastic life story such as this! Kylie's work is awesome! Juniper is adorable!


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Great interview! I'm a huge fan of Kylie's beads.
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Always with a smile :)

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great interview!

I am a fan of Kylie's work (and have a small stash) but would love to win the giveaway! If I were to win the necklace (both beautiful) I would love to just be surprised. :)

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Ops replied on someone else's feed. But what I wanted to say is I love Kyle's work, each piece a tiny work of art.

Hootie Bead Dangle Giveaway!

Ok so here's the thing. I went to a school of industrial design where pottery figured large right along side glass blowing, wood shops, weaving and other fabrics and fibres, photo and photo development (those were the days), drafting.. oh it was absolutely exquisite and I could myself very fortunate for all the experiences. Once, while firing some Raku, a fell classmate caught his hair on fire! We put it out but what an exciting few seconds. Salt glazing was another of our adventures. I simply love the process and your assertion that firing clay objects is like Christmas! Well anyway, I have not done ceramics or pottery in decades but just now my daughter has a deep abiding love of Hootie Owls so I'm entering your giveaway in the hopes that I can, if I win, use it as a vehicle to tell her some marvellous stories and maybe pique some interest in pottery in her. Cudos to you for following your passion!

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