Lampwork glass beads - Interview with Pichet (Chet) Ketmee of Lonely Bead

Lonely Beads - lampwork glass beads

First of all, my apologies for not being around for some time. And my deepest apologies to Chet, as this interview was planned for April. A lot is going on in my family after my dad passed away last year. It seems disaster struck every time we think we are a bit back on our feet.
But I’m not posting this to bother you with my personal problems, but with the good stuff. Yes, finally another interview.

My guest this month is from the country where my mother was born: Thailand. You can imagine it holds magic for me. So I am so happy I discovered Chet. He makes absolutely gorgeous lampwork beads, which I have been collecting for quite some time now. To be honest, I hesitated to introduce this artist to you. That way I could keep him all to myself and still would be able to snatch up all his beads. But that would not be fair to you nor him. So I hope you will embrace this artist and his work as much as I did.
Chet asked me to correct spelling mistakes, which I did as best I could (I am not a native English speaker myself).

Pichet Ketmee - lampwork glass bead artist - Lonely Beads


Q: Can you tell us more about the beginning of your career as a bead artist? Were you always an artist? If not, what made you decide to change your career and how did you experienced this transition?

Personally, I think it's started when my close friend suddenly passed away. He died while laying down, watching TV with his little daughter who was sitting next to him. She didn't notice her father passed away that morning till she was trying to wake him up for lunch. Totally sad.

I started looking back at myself then ...what am I doing?

Lonely Beads - lampwork glass bead set

At that time, I worked as a computer graphic and didn’t know much about glass beads. I searched for video clips on Youtube to get to know how they make such pretty nice things. Yes,  I had a crush on it, but not serious until my friend passed away. Then I just realized a nine-to-five job should be enough.

Lonely beads - Studio

So I began to study more seriously. Along with saving money to order all tools and equipment which mostly must be imported from USA and Europe. It took nearly a year for all this to be done.
After that I quit my job. It was on my 40th birthday anniversary.

Lonely Beads - lampwork glass beads

I could say...I've discovered a new world. I'm a self-taught glass bead maker, there are many things for me to learn everyday. I really enjoy sitting behind my torch, staying alone working in my room. It is like meditation.

Lonely Beads - lampwork glass beads, artisan beads

Above all, I can spend more times together with my little daughter. I realize these golden moments would not last long. Just in the blink of an eye she will grow up and goes her own way. So she does not want to stroll on beaches with me anymore.

Lonely Beads

Q: Do you work full time as an artist?

Yes I do full time as a glass bead maker since 2010.

Q: Is it challenging to be a bead artist in Thailand?

As far as I know, there are only a few glass bead makers in Thailand and they're all skillful bead maker.
Yes It's challenge, but in term of how can you make a living with what you are loving to do.
Now in Thailand the daily minimum wage is only about 8.5 US dollars. Yes, a very low income!! May I picture you, 1 cup Starbuck Latte is $3.  So while most people in the country are still struggles to survive, I have no idea who wants to buy my beads?  Most of my customers are outside this country. Anyway I do have some customers here.

Lonely Beads - handmade glass beads, lampwork beads

Q:  At the moment you work glass. Why did you choose this medium? Are you planning to explore other materials as well in the future, like metal, polymer clay or ceramic?

While I studied in the College of Arts, I had opportunities to play with different types of medium but not with glass. For me glass is very unique.
Think about it, you put it in a flame with super heat, then melt it, spin it, press it, poke, rake, squeeze, or whatever more!! After that you are not finish yet, you have to put her in a hot kiln at thousand Fahrenheit’s for annealing about 4-6 hours.
The next morning after it cools down. Awesome!! At the end, it comes out to be a beautiful piece of art. Remains her characteristics of "Glass", optical transparency, glossy, shiny plus the reflections of your love inside her. She’s the one for me.

Lonely Beads - handmade lampwork glass beads

And for your question about exploring other materials. Yes, ceramic is what I try to play with lately as well.

Lonely Beads - ceramic art

Lonely Beads - ceramic and lampwork glass beads

Q: Are you self-taught?

Yes I am.

Q: What inspires you in your work?

I was once inspired by watching cartoons on TV with my daughter. Theirs funny characters made me feel to make something for fun, so it became this " Pretty 6 & a Mummy" glass bead set.

Lonely beads - bead set

It could be anything that comes into my life. Color and pattern of someone's dresses who just walk by, a sparkling sea on a full moon night, songs from Thee Chaiyadej (my favorite artist), works of many creativity glass bead makers, movies, feeling, cup cake, my love, quotes, bad ass, a word, etc.

Lonely Beads - lampwork glass bead

Lonely Beads - lampwork glass beads

Q: The name of your brand is Lonely Bead. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this name.

As if have told, I'm a self-taught glass bead maker. It was very difficult in the beginning. There were a million questions that I needed to know to getting started but it seemed no one in this country could answer me. I visited several universities, libraries, bookshops but there was no clue of any glass bead things in Thailand.
Well that is where the name "Lonely bead" came from.

Lonely Beads - lampwork glass beads

However, I would recommend and for the newbies.
A forum for the lampwork community. The people are so friendly and generous. They've helped me a lot. Many thanks to all you guys there.

Lonely Beads - blue handmade lampwork glass beads

Q: Can you tell us what a typical day in the life of Chet looks like?

I would say "not interesting".

I am just an ordinary man, low profile, no friends.
Mon-Fri I wake up early in the morning to make breakfast, pack it in boxes for my daughter at her school. Then back home, from now on is my time to make glass beads. Till about 4 pm. I go to prepare a snack for my hungry little girl who's getting back from school. I go out in the evening to exercise, swim, jog, play football etc.

Lonely Beads

I once  spent my live on the Island for years. So if it possible, every weekend I take her to a quiet beach to stay over, hanging around, eating, reading a good book, playing guitar, swimming. Well, That’s the simple way of my life.

Q: Is there a particular bead and/or jewelry artist you admire or who you consider a role model?

Imagine this, If the Galaxy has a competition for making glass beads and each planet must submit
three of theirs best glass bead makers.
Here is the top 3 from this World : (Not in that order)
Astrid Reidel,  Anja Basan (AnastasiaBeads),  Regis Teixera (MagmaBeads).

Their amazing work make my beads just only pieces of glass. I'm truly admire them.

Lonely Beads - handmade artisan lampwork beads

Q: If you were not a bead artist, what would you be doing?

A street vendor of BBQ pork

Q: Do you have a life motto and if so, would you like to share this with us?

Enjoy the little things that comes into life and do not annoy your life with the little things.

Q: Do you have tips, tricks or advise you like to share with us?

I am so sorry, I don’t. But I really like to hear from you. Thank you.


Thank you so much Chet for this wonderful interview. I do hope you will be able doing what you are doing so well: creating gorgeous, amazing beads.

Chet sells his work in an etsy shop and on Ebay.

This month we have two wonderful gifts to give away.

Gift-away 1

Chet is contributing these two wonderful beads for the first give-away

Lonely Beads - give away bead 1

Lonely beads - lampwork glass bead
Gift-away 2

I made this bracelet with one of Chet's beautiful handmade beads.

Esfera Jewelry - handmade artisan bracelet

How can you enter this give-away?

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Chet interview

Enjoyed meeting this spectacular artbead artist of Lampwork.

Such wonderful beads and your

Such wonderful beads and your bracelet is gorgeous as always :)


Exquisite work, Chet is truly gifted! Enjoyed the interview!


Amazing detail! Wonderful makes! I'm a subscriber on fb, and Etsy fav your store! Commented on here too! Thanks for sharing, and sorry to hear about your father. Best wishes things improve for you hugs xxx

I have bought several strands

I have bought several strands of your beads on EBay and totally love them. Your work is gorgeous!

Chet's Interview

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Chet's Interview

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Chet's Interview

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Chet's Interview

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Chet's Interview

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Chet's Interview

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Chet's Interview

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Chet's Interview

Very interesting interview. Chet's beads are gorgeous and I love how he talks about spending time with his little girl.


Wow that was a great his beads...very diverse

Great interview with Chet!

I really enjoyed your interview with Chet. I like learning about new (to me) artists, their processes, what inspires them, how they got started and day to day lives. Also thank you for the chance to win beautiful works of art from both of you!

Love Chet's Story and Beads!

As always - enjoy reading your interviews Janine - and loved Chet's story and all of his colorful and detailed beads! Thanks for sharing :)

Tried to fav on eBay, but

Tried to fav on eBay, but "something went wrong"

Pintrest fan

Pintrest fan

Joined email list

Joined email list

Etsy fan of Chet

Etsy fan of Chet

@etsy fan of esfara

@etsy fan of esfara

Fb fan of yours

Fb fan of yours

Absolutely lovely beads and

Absolutely lovely beads and write up!


I just favorited Chet on Ebay. :)


I just liked Chet's Etsy shop. :)

I just typed a comment and it

I just typed a comment and it was somehow lost. So, let me start again. :) Thank you Janine for this wonderful interview of Chet. It was inspiring and taught me so much. It was wonderful to read/know that Chet turned a very sad time in his life into something of beauty and creativity. His beads are beautiful.. using all the colors of the rainbow. Thank you for sharing! Much love and hugs! xo Denise

Hello Janine! Many thanks

Hello Janine! Many thanks for this wonderful interview with Chet! I found it very inspiring because Chet turned a difficult and sad time in his life into one of positivity/strength. Chet is now creating beauty in an art form. As always, I learned so much from reading your interview. Thanks so much! xo Denise

I'm back for a second

I'm back for a second comment. This comes from my heart.I haven't bought any lampwork beads before. I have bought ceramics and metal clay. Something about Chets beads and his story has really touched me. His beads will be the first ones I buy. I can see in my creative imagination, how I would make jewellery with them. Thank you both for sharing. ☺ Lyn

I follow you on Pinterest as

I follow you on Pinterest as DESPINA VNT

I follow you on Google + as

I follow you on Google + as DESPINA VENETI

I follow your Etsy shop as

I follow your Etsy shop as DESPINA VNT

Etsy lonelybead follower :

Etsy lonelybead follower : DESPINA VNT

Facebook follower : Despina

Facebook follower : Despina Veneti

On your email list...

On your email list...

I'm a happy blog subscriber

I'm a happy blog subscriber

Wonderful interview and

Wonderful interview and presentation of a lovely artist, unknown to me till now, thank you!
I'd be ecstatic to win either prize xx

What a great interview! And

What a great interview! And such stunning beads -such things of beauty

Great interview!

Thank you for sharing your interview with Chet. What a talented artist he is. It was a great insight into his life and work.

Thank you Janine for sharing

Thank you Janine for sharing Chet's story and those gorgeous beads. Just lovely. As for his beads, stunning, what a natural talent he has. The 'pretty 6 and a mummy' are so unique. I have liked Chet's shop on etsy and added him as a favourite on ebay. Janine, as ever you make beautiful jewellery. I hope the rest of the year gives you and your family a settled time. Lyn x

Great Chet interview

Thank you for this interview. Love the detail and the organic look of many of Chef's beads. I admire his focus on parenting and art and life.
I like the bracelet you created using one of his beads.

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